Coca-Cola: No more confusion

And again, Coca-Cola came with a new brand and marketing strategy, and it is for the four beverage products packaging. A research learned that the UK consumers find it hard to differentiate the four Coca-Cola drinks: Classic, Low-cal, Zero, and Diet. Now, they decided to put all of the drinks under the Coca-Cola name and differentiate them on the packaging using distinct coloring: Red (Regular, classic), Green (Low-cal), Black (No cal, some sugar), Silver (Diet, no cal, no sugar). According to Marketing Magazine, these four new packaging will be advertised throughout the UK with a new campaign tagline “Choose Happiness,” starting in May. A few sources also stated that the new branding seems to spread across Europe, while the new Coca-cola Zero and Diet Coke packaging are being distributed across the US. I really dig their new packaging!


The new color-coded nutrition labeling system that has been applied since last year in the UK is also being adapted by Coca-cola; red for sugar and green for saturates, salt, and fat. So… No more confusion!

Erika Bearman – OscarPRGirl



I’ve been following @OscarPRGirl for awhile and living the life of Oscar de la Renta vicariously through its Instagram and Blog. I’m sure many of you (years back) were wondering ‘Who’s the woman behind @OscarPRGirl?’ Well, it has been answered that the woman herself is Erika Bearman, the SVP of Global Communications, for Oscar de la Renta. She started out doing social media for Oscar using Twitter and as a result of her ability to connect with the audience, @OscarPRGirl has become one of the most influential fashion social media accounts. At first, her identity was unknown, because she focused on talking about the brand Oscar de la Renta itself.

Because of the rapid growth of @OscarPRGirl Twitter followers, Erika decided to reveal herself and give more personalities on all social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog), we now can see her photos all over @OscarPRGirl social media platforms including her blog and she has become one of style icons.

I love the fact that high-fashion luxury brand like Oscar de la Renta really tries to engage with their customers. It is very refreshing to see personalities behind the brand on social media. The OscarPRGirl blog is one of the social platforms that I find very fresh and informative. The image based blog, consists of photos of celebrities who wear Oscar, red carpet moments, backstage situation during fashion week, behind the scenes of photo shoots, fashion show videos, Oscar dresses and accessories, inspirational quotes, and other Oscar de la Renta’s related posts. The blog really gives you the picture of what it’s like inside one of the most prestigious fashion houses.

The blog is a smart way to connect with their technology savvy consumers. Not to mention the Call To Action links to other Oscar de la Renta social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and their Website. There are links where consumers can ask, tell, or e-mail the OscarPRGirl and there is a new post almost every day. Because it is an image based blog, the writing is limited to captions or descriptions of the photos posted. Social media is another tool to help businesses to grow and I think it is brilliant that Oscar de la Renta is taking the opportunity by creating a PR personality and embracing social media.

Why Women Talk More?

Do women really talk more than men?

Men love to think so. However, a study done by researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine supports the idea that women talk more than men. The research found that women’s brains have higher levels of a ‘language protein’. Not only that, one study found that average women speak 20,000 words a day and 7,000 words a day for the average men.

Since women do talk more, we sure have more opinions than men.

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You’ve Got Mail

What is the first thing I do when I wake up? Other than getting excited to eat #oops, I check my mobile phone immediately to see if I get any new e-mails, Instagram likes, Path notifications, and text messages.

Did you know that the average person looks at their phone 150 times a day?? (source: Nielsen) To keep my sanity, I have a few e-mail accounts for different purposes – all Gmail of course. Consumers today, AKA all of us, want to be understood and respected (NOT asking too much at all…). Most of us check our e-mail on mobile devices and United States has the highest percentage (75%) of people that use E-mail on their mobile devices compared to other countries, according to the Nielsen mobile consumer research.

So I decided to check one of my e-mail accounts to see if I need some cleaning or not. And here we go… Saks Fifth Avenue, J.Crew, West Elm, and NYTimes are my committed senders. They send me e-mails every day without me realizing it!! Do I always open all of them? Of course not.  First of all, I have never shopped at West Elm (off and online). I happened to check their Web site one day and I may have given my e-mail. But for the rest, I decided to subscribe and I guess I am not allowed to be annoyed by their daily e-mails, especially NYTimes, it is important for us to know what is going on in the world – um YES.

Analyzing these e-mails, I think that these companies use strong and clear subject lines, which is great. For instance, Saks Fifth does a great job at that – very clear and to the point; and at the same time, makes me want to open the e-mail.

Saks Email


Saks shot

Once I open the e-mail, there is one big pretty image with a clear message, that takes me directly to their Web site if I click on it.

For other companies out there, please please please follow the E-mail best practices – it will be a WIN-WIN situation for you and your customers!

The Man Repeller


Who doesn’t blog these days? I feel like all girls and their moms do. (Well I didn’t until now..and my mother does not) I personally don’t have any particular blog that I follow religiously. However, this fashion blog called The Man Repeller is not like any other fashion blogs out there (I don’t have to tell you this, unless you live under a rock in New York City). The founder, Leandra Medine, who has a great style that is easy on the eyes (to us girls), realized that sometimes what we females think is stylish, may not be the case with the opposite gender. Therefore, she named her blog the man repeller. Maybe an urban dictionary is needed here.

Man repeller (noun): outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls (see: human repelling), shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs.

Here’s The Man Repeller herself (

The blog talks about style, fashion, pop culture, beauty, and other female related topics. It is refreshing to read fashion related articles that have a sense of humor, because fashion does not have to be serious all the time. The blog also has a section where she shows all her latest Instagram posts (manstagram, as she calls it). For those repellers out there, I guarantee that you will love her (blog).